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Shanghai Kohope Medical Devices Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier of disposable medical devices. We are a member of Chinese Medical Device Industry Association.
Now our company’s main products are disposable Syringes & Irrigations, disposable infusion & transfusion sets, disposable needles, disposable tubes & bags, Intervention Accessories, medical packages material...

Irrigation Syringe 01
Irrigation Syringe 01
Used for liquid food providing,wound washing
Size: 35ml, 50/60ml, 100ml
Bulb type,Ring type,Flat type
Individually Packed in Blister or PE Bag
Made according to special requirement from customer
Not Use for Injection
Scalp Vein Set 01
Scalp Vein Set 01
High quanlity stainless steel, sharpness maximize patient comfort
Thin wall cannula,large ID,and smooth flow
Soft wing for the convenience fixation and less pain to patient
Color coded wings by size for clear recognition
30cm length, flexiable tube or normal PVC tube
With Luer lock or luer slip connector
Packing: Bulk/PE bag/Blister
Sterilized by EO gas, non-toxic, non-pyrogenic, single use only
Insulin Pen Needle
Insulin Pen Needle
Compatible with all available pen models
Optimum treatment with maximum simplicity
Double point system
Patient Point with triple beveling for easy and atraumatic
Cartridge point sharpened for a perfect punch with no fragmentation
Easy flow of medication without any impurities
Blood Collection Needle
Blood Collection Needle
Latex Free
Soft and transparent tube,can observe the vein blood flow clearly.
Double wings make puncture more safe.
Different color wings means different size.
Packing:PE bag/Blister
Angiography Syringe
Angiography Syringe
Fix/Rotating adapter
Accurate control of injection dosage
Latex free
Bulk/Blister bag
3-parts Syringe 04
3-parts Syringe 04
Different Size is available for different requirements
Graduation is printed by indelible ink and can be easier read
Special design to prevent plunger slipping out
Central Luer Lock / central Luer Slip / acentric Luer Slip
Latex/Latex Free Piston
With / without needle, needle available size: 31G-16G
Bulk/PE/Blister individual packing or do as customer requirement
Steriled by Eo gas, non-toxic, non-pyrogenic, single use only
Disposable Needle 01
Disposable Needle 01
High quality SUS 304 stainless steel from Korea
sizes: 14G - 31G available
Long bevel / short bevel, ultra-treatment bevel guarantees sharpness
Sharpness maximize patient comfort
High quality silicone oil coated cannula
Semi transparent needle hub made by medical grade PP
Color coded hub by size for clear recognition
Packing: Bulk / Blister individual
Steriled by Eo gas, non-toxic, non-pyrogenic, single use only
I.V Catheter
I.V Catheter
Color-coded casing cap allows for easier identification of catheter size
Translucent catheter hub and flashback chamber allows for easy detection of blood flashback at vein insertion
Teflon Radio-opaque catheter
Precision finished PTEE catheter assures stable flow and eliminates catheter tip kink during venipucture
Can be connected to syringe by removing filter cap to expose Luer taper end
Use of hydrophobic membrane filter eliminates blood leakage
Close and smooth contact between catheter tip and inner needle enables safe and smooth venipuncture
Blunt Needle 01
Blunt Needle 01
Multi angle bended,easy for cleanout,can be used for different occasion
Different type,client can choose products according to irrigation part
Blunt end stainless steel tips,high presicion,Burr-free polished
A wide range of fluids & applications,the classical dispense needle
Threaded luer lock polypropylene hubs,color-coded polypropylene hubs
Custom manufactured
High quality SUS 304 stainless steel from Korea
Absorb high quality cannula and make for Automatic needle assembly, highly-trained
Cannula range:  14G - 31G
The length can be depend on the customer
The type of the point can be as your required
Single pointed, Double pointed, Open point needles
Swaged, Sand blasted, Tip bent, Lateral aperture, Dialysis needles, etc.
Sharpness is triple and painless
Cannula is cleaned by electrolytic and ultrasound cleaning
Blood Bag 01
Blood Bag 01
Made of medical-grade PVC and come in a variety of single and multi-bag configurations
The primary blood collection bag consists of a combined blood collection needle,tube,transfer tube
Twistable spike port,blood collection bag,transfer bag,breakable rod,and anticoagulant solution
Transfer bags consist of a plastic spike needle,transfer tube and polymeric bag
Anti-coagulant:CPDA, which can preserve blood for 35days under temperatures of 2~6°C.
We will make products by clients' request